Do you know what kind of lubricant you need to run your company’s machinery? Lubricant comes in many varieties to fit many types of machinery and because it’s not a one-size-fits-all product, it is important to ensure you purchase the right lubricant to meet your company’s needs.

1. Know if Synthetic Is What You Need

The first thing you’ll need to decide is whether you need a synthetic lubricant or one that is made for general purposes. You can determine this once you know whether you’ll maintain the lubrication yourself or if it is lubricated for life.

Then, you’ll need to determine the consistency of the lubricant you need. The most common types include greases, waxes, oils, and pastes. If you need mineral oils or a thinner consistency, go for oil lubricants, which are 95% minerals. Greases are solid structures that are typically mixed with soap, and pastes contain a combination of base oils, solid particles, and additives. Finally, waxes contain water, an emulsifying agent, and synthetic hydrocarbons. The combination turns into fluid once the wax reaches a certain temperature.

2. Understand the Benefits of Synthetic Oils

If you have equipment that is lubricated for life, the best idea is to use synthetic oil. It helps to understand the benefits of these products. Perhaps the biggest benefit is that they perform well in both low- and high-temperature viscosities. Synthetic options also lose less to evaporation, are more efficient, cause less friction and wear on the equipment, and are more chemically stable.

3. Learn More About Your Equipment

Finally, when choosing the best industrial lubricant Richmond VA, you’ll need to know a lot about your equipment. Choosing the right product means knowing whether the equipment’s axis operating speed is variable or fixed, whether it has sliding or rolling friction, the load conditions, the environmental conditions, and the industry standard. By knowing about your equipment as well as the different types of lubricants, you are sure to choose the right product to meet your needs.