Most of the high-end parts available today are stiffer, lighter, stronger, and certainly a little more expensive. However, you will find most of them are too delicate as they have been engineered to meet certain specific functional requirement.

As the market is continuously demanding more efficient applications of the material, hence the designers have to specify more stringent specifications about how they will be installed and serviced.

While a few years back, we used to deal with snapped bolts or stripped threads, and it was very common to notice cracked parts or a broken bike. The fasteners now are no more the weakest link like they were before.

Now the market is filled with various modern tools that you are able to use in different projects. If you need to tighten and untighten any bolts/nuts, people can use a torque wrench, which is the preferred tool these days.

These torque wrenches offer a guarantee of accuracy and consistency. When you have to consider any heavy-duty projects then you will need a little more than any basic tool. Here the role of a hydraulic wrench will come in.

Mektronics is a well-known company existing in Australia that can supply all kinds of precision tools including hydraulic torque wrenches of various specifications that may be needed for your project or servicing purpose.

Let us try to know about the various benefits that these hydraulic torque wrenches can offer to the world of mechanical engineering.

  1. Most ideal tool for the application of heavy-duty bolting

If you ever need a torque wrench to get enough power for any heavy-duty applications, then the hydraulic solution is considered to be an ideal solution as hydraulic torque wrenches can generate their torque hydraulically alone that means users will need minimal effort to tighten any bolts to any specified torque.

Over a period of time, they have been further refined where even miniarure nut bolts can also be tightened.

  1. Self-ratcheting and accurate

You will get a very high accuracy level with hydraulic torque wrenches because they are self-ratcheting and designed to be handled easily than the conventional wrenches that most of us are familiar with. They are much lighter, quieter, and also more accurate.

These hydraulic torque wrenches have been so designed that they can prevent any under torquing as well as over-torquing. You must be aware that such under-torquing or over-torquing can often be not only disastrous but also dangerous.

Only any hydraulic torque wrench can make it possible to safely torque any large assemblies and meet the entire safety and health standards of product designer requirements.

The following are the basic benefits offered by hydraulic torque wrenches

  • Increased joint integrity
  • Decreased bolting time
  • Save your time and money as you can avoid repeat bolting and failed pressure tests
  • Free up your time for any other tasks
  1. Huge selections available

Basically, these tools are meant for industrial use, but you can also use them at your home. Now you can also find the one that is quite lightweight and has a smaller variant in nose-radius to meet all your needs.