In recent years, the glass shower doors have become very popular with homeowners. They have been widely used in place of the delicate curtains to help users prevent water from entering into the bathroom floor and enjoy more protection. When glass shower doors have fascinating enclosures they can easily add value to the bathroom decor. The shower door handles are one of the most important enclosures of these doors but users often forget to consider their quality and design at the time of purchase. Both the style and shape of door handles should be taken care as they can make a bathroom look as beautiful as a high standard hotel. There are plenty of options available in shower door handles which tend to come in both classic and modern varieties. Many bathroom fixture manufacturers including SGAW Co are using valuable ideas to produce these handles in exceptional designs and shapes that cost same as common designs but look trendier and suit to a bathroom decor in the best possible manner. Depending on the design of the bathroom, homeowners will have to pick up the right kind of door handle for giving perfect finish. The handles usually range from very affordable and useful plastic types to really impressive and valuable steel ones with finely painted knobs that look fascinating. Shower door handles are made out of different materials such as elegant chrome, brass, stainless steel and some are also available in traditional crystal. Additionally, there is no limit to the handle size and shape. Most of the shower door handles look and function like regular door knobs. The remaining ones are more contemporary and can be circular D shape handles in stainless steel or S shape handles in finely polished chrome or brass. These varieties are mostly preferred for creating more space around the bathroom.

For a wonderful bathroom decor, homeowners have the option to use the easily replaceable accent knobs that keep the handle look new without feeling the need to buy a brand new handle. The cost will be minimal with antique knobs that are actually collected from old houses. Some of these knobs are rare and can be used to make a bathroom look stylish. These kinds of shower door handles are not high priced but assure to give a unique look to any ordinary shower room. Another innovative idea for users to create a very stylish bathroom decor is to install a multicolored, finely polished and nickel plated shower door handle. The standard door handles make a wise investment for homeowners as they have great functional value and can sustain the rough use of young kids. These handles are not just durable but also come in attractive shapes and designs to match every type of bathroom design.

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