As a homeowner, there are so many aspects of taking care of your house. Some of them, like mopping and patching drywall holes, are easy and can be done in an afternoon. Others are more intensive and you dread doing them. Now that summer is almost here, take advantage of the warm days and long evenings to tackle the jobs you hate doing.

Pressure Washing

Driveway cleaning Jacksonville, the house siding or the deck, it’s a long day when you need to pressure wash. If you have a lot of it that needs to be done, start with the one you’re looking forward to the least and work your way to the easiest one. Pick a hot day to do this; you are guaranteed to get soaking wet.

Branches and Sticks

If you live in a woodsy area, even the lightest of winds can create a mess of branches. Rally the troops (a.k.a: the rest of your family) and have a contest to see who can pick up the most branches in an hour. Reward yourselves at the end of the day by roasting marshmallows over a bonfire made of those branches.

Dump Run

When all is said and done, taking all your excess garbage (and things too big for your waste service) to the dump is a big, gross job. Not only do you have to play metaphorical Tetris to get all your trash loaded, but you have to be sure that you have a tarp or something to tie it all down and prevent anything blowing away. Be aware of your county’s laws when it comes to what can be dumped, as well as weight limitations on the amount of garbage you can throw at once.

It’s hard work being a homeowner, and all these dirty jobs are not fun. However, there is something to be said about taking pride in your home. It’s worth it to come home to a clean house that you have worked hard to make beautiful.