If you need to replace any of your timber casement windows or sash windows, the type of glass you choose will depend on various factors. These include the location of the window, the design of your home, and your individual requirements. Different types of glass provide your home with different benefits.

The appearance of frosted glass is created by etching the surface with acid or sandblasting the clear glass in one of the many patterns or designs available. This also adds a decorative element to your windows.

Increased privacy

Frosted glass is frequently chosen for rooms such as bathrooms where privacy is important. It can blur or distort the appearance of whatever is on the other side of the window but does not block out the light. Depending on the design of the frosted glass, you can have different levels of privacy. The highest level will make the image unrecognisable, whilst lower levels will merely blur what is inside the window; however, there can be a downside to having a frosted glass window in a bathroom. According to the Daily Mail, a delivery driver recently put a package through a frosted glass window and it fell directly into the toilet!

Improved security

As frosted glass is made from such durable material, it is frequently more difficult to break than clear glass, which can improve the security of your home. It is also resistant to poor weather conditions and will withstand even the stormiest of weather.

Better energy efficiency

Frosted glass can help to conserve energy by keeping the temperature inside consistent throughout the year. This is because it reduces the glare of the sun so that light is filtered away in the summer and the cold is kept out in the winter. If you wish to reduce your energy bills with new frosted windows Dublin companies such as https://www.keanewindows.ie/windows-dublin/ will be happy to give you a quote for replacing a clear window with a frosted one.

Easier cleaning

Frosted glass windows can be cleaned easily by wiping them with a cloth. In addition to being attractive in its own right, the textured surface ensures the glass will not streak in the same way as clear glass and you do not have to spend time polishing it to get a perfect finish.