Everybody desires their homes to be notable and therefore, most of them are often search of ways to add the extra zinc to the decors of a room. The last decade or so has seen exception growth in interior design decors. There has been quite a revolution be it in the lighting designs, wall paints or door and window designs. Moreover, as more and more people in Canada are hiring professional designed to do their spaces the more experimental and bold their spaces are turning out. There are experimenting with almost everything, and the last craze is to experiment with window treatment or covering products. Window Treatment or Covering Products Window covering are basically the different ways or products that have been designed to act as covering from inside. Curtains are the simplest way to cover a door however, designer have come up with an array of door cover in different designs and materials. The main idea of a window covering is to act of a shade so that one’s privacy is not disrupted but at the same time the person in the cut can check out outside according to his or her free will. Moreover, designers have discovered that every window cover can play a very vital role in the overlook look of a room and therefore, they often go through a lot of through before zeroing on the kind treatment to one should get. Therefore, to get a clearer picture about this lets discuss the different types of covers available in Window Treatment Store across Surrey, Richmond, Vancouver, Coquitlam, Cloverdale and Langley among other places in Canada. Different types of window coverings 1) Window Blinds – This kind of window covering are existing in two essential patterns and available in a variety of materials. The two types of blinds are – Venetian Blinds – This design is a mix of simplicity along with elegance. This type of covering goes well both in households as well as offices. They are available in a spectrum of colors and designs. These are horizontals plates that are perfect to control daylight simultaneously maintaining one’s privacy. Vertical blinds – This type of covers are best for sliding, wide and tall windows. These window blinds are available in woven, sheer, and opaque fabrics, and materials like faux, vinyl, wood, and aluminum. 2) Window Shades – It is a type of window coverings are used to manage sunlight or weather, ensuring privacy and security. These are available in a hives of designs and mostly used for solely decorative purposes. Some types of window shades are – Roller Shades Roman Shades Vienna Sheer Horizontal Shades Elite Honeycomb shades Pleated shades High-Lite Shade 3) Window shutter- window shutters are stable and solid coverings usually made of frames either of vertical stiles or horizontal rails. Some types of window shutters are – Richwood Panel Track 4) Window drapes -These are materials or textiles used to cover to control sunlight, to provide added weatherproofing, to make sure of privacy and security.

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