Whether you own a restaurant, a business, a warehouse or just want to make the most of your garage, these multi use areas can undergo a lot of abuse. There are some things you can do to help protect your floors and keep them looking good for years to come.

Tough Surface

The first step is to install a tough, hard-working surface. If you don’t do this your efforts to keep a good-looking and durable surface could be in vain. Hardwood and ceramic tile are a classic flooring choices. Ground and polished concrete could also be a choice. For variety, water resistance and hard wearing, updated good looks, epoxy flooring might just be the flooring of choice.


Make sure to wipe up water spills on any floor as soon as they are noticed. Standing water can damage many types of floors and may also cause injury in the event someone slips or worse, falls due to a slick floor. Make sure plumbing doesn’t leak and seal around windows and doors to keep weather out. Provide a non-slip and absorbent mat inside the door, so that those entering from wet circumstances can avoid slipping on a hard surface.


Loose dirt or dust can cause slick areas on hard flooring, allowing for the possibility of an accident. Grittier dirt or small rocks can grind and wear on a floor’s surface. Sweep the floor regularly, and mop when needed to keep the floor clean. Again, a large, non-slip doormat can help keep dirt from tracking in onto your floors.

Chemical Spills

When spills involve chemicals such as motor oil, gasoline, salts or solvents, there can be a potential for damage. A spill resistant surface is helpful in a garage or warehouse, but it is also important to clean up spills when they happen. In some instances, a generic cat litter or coconut husk can be sprinkled on the spill to absorb some of the mess.


The normal wear and tear of foot traffic can cause wear patterns in doorways and in high traffic areas. A garage floor could also be subject to wear from small rocks that become embedded in tires of cars or bicycles. Choose surfaces that are appropriate to the use and traffic your warehouse, garage or other facility receives.

Choosing the right flooring for your circumstances is half the battle, no matter what type of area you are dealing with. Beyond that, taking some simple steps to keep the floor cleaned and maintained can add beauty and longevity to your floors.