Furniture is always the pearl of the place where it has been kept. Since the ancient days, people have been using different sorts of natural objects as furniture. It is supposed to be from the very early human civilization. Evolution of furniture design started in the ancient city of Greece and Rome. Since then, furniture transformed from different structures of heavy weight to sophisticated design of lightweight. Traditional form of furniture is intended to fill a place of traditional and modern world. This can be clearly depicted from the cafe furniture present in various renowned cafes from across the world. Club furniture| Cafe tables we offer the best cafe chair at an affordable price range. Chairs- The Immortal Movable that still Stand Tall Seating has been the oldest known furniture types and is considered as the most important. Seating has always had a decorative feature from pre-historic age. The simplest form of seating is the chair that we see in the present days. Design and structure of chairs kept on changing as per the basic necessity and comfort of the people. Chairs came into limelight when the demand for sophistication and aristocracy started creeping into the mind of people. Its comfort urged people to use chairs at a war-footing level. Every household, institutions at that time started to switch over to chair. It has been a success and is considered as the greatest invention in mankind. Transformation or Transition- Not to be Overlooked During the last few decades or so, restructuring and remodeling of chairs started. As per the demand of people and the place, sizes, design and structure of chair changed. Chairs were then started to be available as per the requirement of place. For office purpose king-size chairs were made; for house, house-like chairs were designed and for cafes, cafe chairs were in demand. Cafe chairs provided the much needed aristocratic and the antique look to the cafes. And since then, these were selling like hot cakes. Cafe furniture was more or less associated with cafe chairs. Cafe chairs are made up of wood, metal or other strong materials. In some cases a number of materials is cleverly molded to give the exquisite look because it is all about the look. The design was made in such a way keeping in mind the comfort it has to provide to the occupant so that it does not spoil the mood of the moment. Modernization of Chairs With advancement of science and technology, chairs took the different forms. Starting from the molded plywood-make to wood-laminate chairs and leather ornate chairs were readily available. With further implications of science into the making, mechanical chairs were invented. To its credit was the introduction of adjustable knobs and wheels so that it can be rolled to a desired place if needed with leaving the seat. It is true that furniture adds beauty to a place it is kept at. It is evident from the fact that since the pre-historic times royal families added the required decor to their royal palaces or home they stayed in. Once there was a time when the status and stature of a family was judged with the furniture. Cafe owners are following their footsteps and stress upon renovating their cafe furniture with the time to give their cafe that modern look.

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