Enter any home and the first thing that you see is a hallway storage bench. This convenient piece of furniture serves two purposes. You can sit on it and take off your shoes and the storage space underneath is a convenient space to store all those little knick-knacks, as well as shoes, and keep the hallway looking neat and proper. But first, take a look at the different varieties of storage benches meant for use in hallways. Types Of Storage Benches Ingenious manufacturers offer hallway storage benches in a variety of designs, some of them with Turkish and Eastern influences and some of them British in style. Some of the popular styles in use are Roma, Canterbury, Roma, Seville, Bellagio and others. A bench may be square, rectangular or round in shape, with rectangular being the most preferred. Then there are minor details such as a cushioned seat that also doubles as a cover. Instead of drawers or sliding doors, the top itself is the cover and the bench provides a large space to hold shoes and other things. The legs may vary in style, from casters fitted discreetly underneath the bench or beautifully carved Queen Anne style legs for just that little touch of classic tradition. A Venice style bench may be the choice of some because it fits perfectly into a corner and has a nice curved shape. As for the top, it can be plain flat or have a classic dimpled look with buttons. Most benches meant for hallways usually do not have armrests, but there is no reason not to have them. Construction And Materials Matter If you are tempted to buy cheap benches made somewhere in the Orient, think again. They are cheap because the fabric used is not quite up to standard. Materials used for the bench may be cheap ply or flimsy boards that fall apart under load. Cheap products look and feel cheap and are certainly not worthy of gracing hallways of respectable British homes. What you need is British designed and British made benches for halls, and for good enough reasons. British products do have an enviable reputation for solid construction, use of fabric or leather sourced from the best sources, and the workmanship is of the highest order. Reasons To Buy British Quality and choice of fabric or leather materials, and the quality of wood as well as workmanship, are good enough reasons to consider benches made in Britain. There are other equally convincing reasons. Buy from a British manufacturer of furniture and you receive prompt attention and gracious services. When you buy one such product, you can feel pride in the fact that you are helping to provide livelihood to British craftsmen and you are helping keep British traditions alive. By buying British, you inspire others to do so and help British industry flourish. It does need your support! British products have a look and feel that imports simply cannot match, and will suit your home instead of looking so out of place. Look and admire, touch and feel British products. They embody the British soul. Good enough reasons to buy them and enjoy pride of ownership!

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