Bedrooms are getting more attention these days when it comes to interior design. Many people now want a bedroom that is a calm place to sleep but also makes a design statement. This is what’s happening in bedrooms this year.

Metallic accents

A touch of gold always adds some glamour, whether that is in the form of a bedside table, a frame or a light fitting. For inspiration on bringing some metallic glamour into your bedroom, see this report from The Guardian.

Break up the minimalism

Papery whites for walls and ceilings are not going away any time soon, but why not add interest with some pops of colour? Carefully chosen artwork, ceramics or even books can add character without needing a redesign. Plus, it is easy to change them around with the seasons or if you feel like a fresh look.

The industrial touch

Concrete walls are a trend that is making an impact in a wide range of bedrooms. The industrial look of concrete combines well with bright colours and sleek, modern furniture in airy spaces. One idea gaining in popularity is to place concrete panels on the space behind the bed head to create a feature wall. Other popular industrial touches include tiled walls, recycled metal objects as furniture, and the kind of lights you might see in a motorcycle workshop.

Get surreal

Surrealism is another design style coming to the fore this year. A surreal bedroom is one with lots of unorthodox combinations – bold patterns, strong colours and eclectic furniture. This is definitely a trend that means you can mix and match; the wilder the better! However, mattresses should always be of good quality for a restful sleep. Bed linen can be whatever colour you like, but Egyptian cotton with a high thread count will always be gentle for your skin.

Above all, a bedroom should be a relaxing haven, and maintaining a comfortable temperature is important. Now is a good time to think about whether Gloucester boilers need repairs or replacements. If you are thinking about maintenance for Gloucester boilers, it may be worth getting in touch with a trusted supplier such as for options and advice.

The bedroom is one place where you can truly be yourself. Let your imagination loose to design the bedroom of your dreams.