Moving an entire household is definitely not an easy process. The whole organizing, packaging, and transporting process can seem exanimating, but if you read the following tips, moving day will seem a lot less disturbing and unnerving. Good luck and joyful packaging!

  1. Get rid of anything you won’t longer need

This is a very important packaging tip. It’s the first thing you have to do before you begin. Make sure you eye out every single room of your home, in order to organize your stuff better. Split everything into things you want to keep, things you want to ditch, and stuff you can donate. Make a good judge of your future home and throw away any furniture that won’t fit there.

  1. Find yourself moving boxes

It may sound like a good idea to visit the local grocery store for some free boxes, but this is a booby trap. Grocery boxes can be compromised due to exposure to moisture, or even a bug infestation. Imagine being on your future home’s doorstep with one of these boxes, and it falls apart in your hands, while there is something very precious of yours inside. Not a good idea. You may take some reused moving boxes for some not so important stuff of yours, but for everything else, make sure you find quality ones.

  1. Create a packing schedule

If you have enough time to the moving date, make sure you don’t get overwhelmed, by creating a moving schedule. If you leave the whole packaging process to the night before the move, there is no doubt you’ll get super stressed. That’s why, you need to set goals. For example, create a reminder for your refrigerator. You’ll need to defrost and clean it at least 24 hours before the moving date. Another thing you can do is spend a couple of hours a day in packaging things you won’t need any time soon.

  1. Color labeling

Get yourself multi-colored packaging labels. You’ll use a different color for every room. Write on the label what’s in the box and which room does it belong to. When you get to your new place, mark every room that corresponds to the labels, so that the removal company workers can put the things on the right place. This will save them tones of time. Another important advice is to make a “first-night” box. Most people forget about this crucial step. But this is another thing that will save you a lot of time in searching for your toothbrush, pajamas, toiletries, morning dishes, etc.

  1. Find a removal company

That’s one of the most important things you should consider doing. It is hardly possible to manage the moving process on your own, even if you have 10 friends helping you. Moving an entire household is an exhausting thing to do. That’s why you should hire professionals. Check on the internet for some local removal companies, or ask around your friends, neighbors, etc.

Hopefully, these moving tips will help you on your big day. If you follow them, you’ll find it less stressful, and you will be able to find a piece of joy in this insane situation.