If you guys are planning to build a new trampoline park, you are in the right place to collect the information about Cheers trampoline park equipment suppliers. The current article is all about introducing and focusing on delivering the most authentic information about Cheers trampoline park equipment and their other services.

What is cheer trampoline part equipment products and supplier?

Cheer Amusement is a one-stop solution that can design, manufacture and install high-quality trampoline parks, including the foam pit, climbing wall, dodge ball zone, basketball zone, and so on, generating high play value. Cheer Amusement has organized the best trampoline mat materials from leading and professional suppliers in the US and combined them with tailored springs and soft paddings customized by high-strength PVC to make world-class trampoline parks.

Cheer Amusement strictly follows the latest international safety standards and always puts safety as the 1st priority. Cheer Amusement satisfies many major safety standards, including ASTM, CPSIA, UL94, NFPA701 in North America, EN1176-77 part 10, CE, and the BSI: PAS5000 in EU.

One must ensure that the customers should have exciting events that will excite, engage and entertain your young customers.

Cheers trampoline park equipment suppliers are putting a lot of research and effort into ensuring that toddlers have events that are challenged to learn and use new skills in a safe environment. The events they offer help children hone and challenge their gross and fine motor skills in a secure environment. You no longer need to have passive soft bricks and shapes in your toddler area to attract your customers.

Cheers indoor playground products and services

Cheer Amusement provides the best value and most innovative indoor play equipment for indoor playgrounds to Europe, including the UK and Ireland, by total manufacturing high-quality soft play products directly in China. When buying from cheers trampoline park equipment suppliers, one can be assured of the very best quality from the largest play manufacturer in China.

Cheers Ninja training equipment

Apart from the trampoline park equipment, some exciting cheers Ninja training equipment in the service list can also be found.

Ninja warrior is an adrenaline-pumping race through a maze of walls, obstacles that are with adjustable difficulty, high absorption safety flooring (foam mats, inflatable mats, or foam pit), and trampolines with different activity zones.


In conclusion, we can sum up the article for the trampoline park equipment suppliers as Cheers is a known one-stop solution for all your requirements for a trampoline park and other activities. Read the above article on Cheers trampoline park equipment and gain some information.