A number of factors can influence your choice of an Attic Conversion in Sydney.

  • Do you want to add extra living space to your current dwelling?
  • Do you long for the open-air ambiance of a Georgian town house?
  • Or maybe you are seeking a distinctive style that complements the existing design of your home?

No matter what your intentions are, there is an Attic Conversion available to match the personality of your home.

What is attic conversion?

The term “attic conversion” can mean many things. In architectural parlance it denotes a renovation or extension of an existing structure, room, or building to make it more convenient, functional, or aesthetic in nature. Many people like to take an Attic Conversion to add additional storage capacity to their existing home, or to create more space for guests.

If your home is currently short on space, an Attic Conversion could be a great way to add usable square footage to a room that was previously wasted or untidy. In many cases, people will turn to Attic Conversions when they have problems with their structural stability, but they also come in handy when the existing room becomes too small for even the largest of kitchens. Attic Conversions are also great ways to improve the appearance of any home.

Uses and Benefit

In terms of functionality, an Attic Conversion is a great way to make your home more efficient, while also enhancing its natural beauty and convenience. Attic Conversions in particular utilize skylights and/or roof lighting to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in a room. Skylights are a classic design element, which adds both depth and height to a room, while providing natural light in a way that is unobtrusive and comfortable. Skylights are generally constructed from wood or stone and are sometimes complemented by patio doors, a deck, or patios.

A roof cavity is typically left unadorned and unfinished, creating an incredible opportunity for you to add practically any decorative item you desire. Whether you’re looking for an eye-catching centerpiece or you prefer to let the natural beauty of your skylights and/or roof cavities take the limelight, an Attic Conversion can be custom designed to suit your needs.

If you’re worried about leaving the unpainted or unfinished interior concrete unattended, rest assured that a skilled Attic Conversion Contractor can thoroughly install and finish an Attic Conversion according to your specific design specifications and instructions. Once complete, your newly transformed home office space will be functional and beautiful, with the added benefit of natural light and a modern aesthetic flair.


The cost of an Attic Conversion is based on square metreages and is determined by the size of the attic opening, as well as the complexity of the renovation process. This price also includes any modifications required to the original building code, such as a staircase, and all applicable municipal fees.

These fees are subject to change due to ongoing council proceedings and legislation changes, so be sure to check the applicable rates before committing to undertake an Attic Conversion in your home.

Attic Conversions are not considered a low-maintenance solution and may require a substantial investment on your part, including materials and labor hours. However, when completed properly, an Attic Conversion will increase the value of your property and increase its appeal to potential buyers.

To ensure that your Attic Conversion is a success, it’s recommended that you work with a professional contractor who has experience performing all types of roofing construction and renovation projects. With years’ experience of providing exceptional Attic Conversions and other renovation services, Attic Conversion Sydney will transform your livable room or workspace into an efficient and effective workspace.

We offer a wide range of exciting Attic Conversions, including loft conversions, gable extensions, masonry conversions and much more. Our experienced team of professionals will create a custom design that fits with your specifications, including custom doors and windows, fully insulated walls, concealed ductwork, custom flooring and more. You’ll get an attractive finished product that will enhance your livable space and increase the value of your home.