If you are looking for an apartment for rent or want to sell your house, calling a letting and estate agent may be the best way to come across many good options to choose one. These professionals know the ins and outs of the housing industry they are associated with. They can particularly valuable if you plan to move to a new area and need assistance in finding the communities.

Here is how letting & estate agents work to find you an apartment to rent out. 

Protection of Rights 

Letting & estate agents can also read the lease to ensure that your rights as a tenant are protected. If your dram apartment is out of your budget, looking for a studio (one-bedroom) apartment or search in a different area.

Broker Fee

In most cases of renting an apartment, landlords pay letting & estate agents a fee for finding a reasonable tenant so you will not pay any fees. However, some agents need their clients to pay them a broker fee for searching them for their services to find a good place to rent. It is wise to ask the agent whether or not they will charge you a fee for finding you an apartment before you sign the agreement so that you are no surprised to see any broker fee in the end.

Terms Negotiation 

When it comes to negotiating terms with potential landlords, letting and estate agent can greatly help you get the best possible deal. If you have a pet, your agent may convince the landlord to allow it for an additional fee. Some agents can also set up arrangements for you to continue to rent month-to-month after the one-year lease period ends. They can also help reduce security deposits and advanced rents, making the process easier for you.