With its large capacity, this 4×10 party tent is ideal for wedding type events. Despite its size, assembly remains easy thanks to a system of clips that does not require the use of tools. Its waterproof cover, covering both the roof and the sides, effectively protects you in the event of wind and rain.

How to choose a party tent?

To help you choose a party tent, here are several things to consider.

The area

As seen above, the party tents come in different sizes and your choice will depend on the use and the number of guests. As a reminder, there is generally 1m 2 for a seated person or for 2 standing people. Whether it’s a party tent rental for a wedding or a purchase for regular events, do your math up front.

The model

There are basically two types of tent:

The marquee or party tent: the largest, it has a sloping roof and can be completely closed or open thanks to its walls fitted with windows.

The pagoda party tent: it consists of a pointed roof and three sides, one of which is solid wall and two with windows. The fourth is the open entrance.

The assembly

If you want to use your tent on a regular basis, then the time and complexity of the assembly can be decisive. Take a good look at the type of frame (tube clips, umbrella structure), the fixings and the roof assembly.

The materials

Regarding the structure, the manufacturers mainly use aluminum, which is light and resistant to rust, or steel, which is heavier, but ensuring good stability of the structure in windy conditions.

The tarpaulin is made of polyethylene, polyester or PVC. All waterproof and anti-UV, the main difference is in the lifespan. Indeed, PVC is renowned for having the best longevity of all.

Where to find a cheap party tent?

You can find party tents in most garden equipment stores as well as at americantent.com, but some generalist supermarkets also offer them occasionally. However, the choice is very limited and the prices unattractive.