Termites, though small in size, can wreak havoc upon our lives. If not treated in time, the termites can cause huge damage to property leading to huge financial loss. Every year, Singapore witnesses many instances of termite infestation and the damage done can be estimated in millions. More often than not, people witness signs of the infestation when it is already too late to control the damage. Preventive techniques do not always work wonders and you may need to seek help from reliable vendors offering pest management services. There are several glossy advertisements of the pest management services in Singapore who claim to offer the best solutions for termite infestation. It is important to choose the right company for termite control as it can be a huge responsibility and the wrong decision can cost you dearly. You need to consider a few key points before deciding on engaging the pest management services of a particular company. Here’s a look: 1. Service guarantee Though most of the pest management companies claim to offer 100% results, not every service provider mentions it in their contract. When you sign a contract for termite control, ensure the company offers a guarantee of effective services. Look at the terms and conditions before agreeing to any contract. 2. Reputation of the company You might ask your friends, family or neighbours for recommendations but do not completely rely on them and do your own research before selecting the company. Suggestions are a great help when looking for the right company but the decision should be based on your own findings. Check the testimonials on their website and if they are a member of global associations and have certifications from accredited pest management institutes to see how up to date they are with their education and technology. 3. Contract Avoid making decisions without comparing quotes from various vendors offering pest managements services. Find out if the company’s plan of action matches with your expectations. If you just go with the first company you come across, you might miss out on the opportunity to find better alternatives. 4. Experience A company with years of experience will usually be more efficient in offering the best results. Though a new company can be competent, it is often better not to take a chance to begin with. It is better to go with a company that is well aware of the nuances of their job and has a successful track record. 5. Follow-up Make sure the company offers follow-up inspections in their contract. The protection received from the pest management company should be ongoing and not just a one-time service. The contract should have annual or six-monthly inspections to prevent further infestations in long run. Explore web for more information on pest management services for other pests such as rodents, bed bugs and others. You can also read tips about how to prepare an efficient rodent control strategy in our following article.

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