Gun collectors can be weird people. Most collectors put an emphasis on great looking items that may not necessarily be functional, such as artwork, collectors items, or other items that can be looked at from afar. Others look for items where the condition and general appearance is secondary to how it works. Gun collectors are in a third area where not only appearance matters but so does functionality; not only does the firearm need to look great but it needs to be able to fire as well. Making it fun, however, is that gun collectors place value on obvious age; cleaning up a weapon can actually decrease its value. Suffice to say that unique gun cabinets are part and parcel of the trade.

Gun collectors are not interested in run of the millĀ run of the mill gun cabinets, but that is a good start. The gun cabinet must obviously be able to display the firearm at its best but also protect it from those who would seek to use it without permission. This creates an interesting dichotomy when it comes to display cases: While the cabinet itself is usually made of wood, some the other materials tend to be somewhat on-the-edge technology. The glass needs to be bullet-proof, there needs to some sort of alarm system, and of course the entire assembly needs to be at least fire resistant; these are the minimal requirements of a great case.

However, some collectors are always looking for something more interesting, possibly sturdier, than a mere wooden case. This can make for an absolutely gorgeous metal cabinet made of black oxidized metal with gold detailing or even solid chrome. Some cabinets are even made of solid glass, at least according to appearances; it is actually made of bullet-proof glass. Even relatively regular wood may be used, but from something a little more interesting than mere walnut; sometimes cherry, teak, or even mahogany forms the body, possibly with thin plating to reinforce the cabinet. As a gun collector never knows what he is looking for until he sees it cabinet-makers make a wide variety of options available.

Of course, there are those looking forĀ something a little more covert. Some collectors have a little bit of rogue in them, or just like hiding their weapons in plain sight and ready for use. This means their gun cabinets may be better hidden, to be revealed only at an opportune moment. This can make for some interesting conversations, especially for those that do not mind showing off their secrets.

In short, there is a unique gun cabinet for every taste; it is just a matter of deciding what you are looking for and what works for your collection. It is then just a matter of finding that cabinet and enjoying how your collection looks in it. As everyone has different tastes this can make for some interesting searches, but half of the fun in finding the rare and unique is the quest, and there is no doubt that the quest for a great cabinet should be made for the great collection.