Since you can’t be everywhere at once, it’s hard to keep tabs on every aspect of your business. This is why forbel website offers a complete range of security systems combining the efficiency of high definition cameras, quality digital recorders as well as video surveillance and remote monitoring solutions.

By choosing a video surveillance system, you will be able to protect your business against possible fraud. Corporate fraud can be costly and represent a painful headache for you and your workforce.

Protect your home and family

Having a residential surveillance camera system has several advantages. Combined with an ¬†¬†effective alarm system, this type of device lets you know what is going on inside and outside your home at all times, even when you are not there. Here are the main advantages of buying such a type of system if you haven’t already.

  1. To store a large quantity of high quality images

In recent years, significant advancements in technology have allowed surveillance cameras to become even more sophisticated and efficient than they used to be.

Indeed, equipped with hard disks allowing to capture a large quantity of images and to store them for several months without having to replace spools or to do anything, they now allow home owners to record clear images and crisp and clearly distinguish the facial features of the people who gravitate around their property.

  1. To discourage thieves and other criminals

Surveillance cameras are particularly useful in preventing crime and solving mysterious cases. Indeed, a simple mention that you have a video surveillance camera system can discourage the most skillful of thieves from breaking into your home. In this sense, it is an excellent means of prevention and a good way to sleep soundly, knowing that the risks of break-ins are reduced.

  1. To spot problems before they even happen

Some surveillance cameras are equipped with motion detectors and other features to detect problems or unusual events that could be problematic before they even occur. Since you have access to your surveillance camera system at all times, even if you are remotely, you can react quickly and notify the authorities concerned in the event of a problem.