Many of us dream of having a luxurious home but often, the price tag is too hard to justify. For some, it is worth the money as it can feel as though you are waking up in a hotel every single day. Interior design trends come and go so they can be hard to keep track of.

Below, we are going to discuss some of the luxurious interior design trends that you should consider trying out in your home this year. Read on to hear more about these trends.


It goes without saying that a chandelier on a ceiling instantly makes a room look more luxurious. The good news is that this kind of luxury lighting fixture is on trend right now, even for those with slightly smaller homes. Chandeliers add a touch of class and can work as a beautiful statement piece in any room of the home. Make sure to shop around for some classy Luxury Lighting to upgrade your interior design.

Grey Décor

Choosing a colour scheme for your interior can be extremely difficult, especially when you have so many rooms to focus on. For those hoping to stay on top of luxurious interior design trends, grey should be your first choice. To really make this trend work, you need to have a variety of shades in the room, otherwise, it will just look dull. We’re thinking a light grey couch with a darker rug and walls – how luxurious does that sound?

Fur Rugs

A rug on the floor of your living room gives you the perfect opportunity to add a new element of luxury to your existing flooring. Right now, fur, or faux fur, rugs are on trend in the world of luxurious interior design. When choosing a fur rug for your home, you must remember to consider the texture carefully. Lighter fur rugs that don’t steal the spotlight are the best option for achieving the luxury look in your home.

Statement Pieces

Finally, you’ll find that statement pieces are very on trend right now. The great thing about a statement piece is that it can be anything you want it to be, as long as it is a luxury piece, of course. In 2020, modern art works well as a statement piece but your chandelier can also take on this role. Make sure to put the piece on show and your guests will be very impressed.

Use These Trends

It can be hard to stay on top of interior design trends as they change so often. For those hoping to create a luxurious décor, these are some of the hottest trends right now. Think about investing in a chandelier that can act as a statement piece in your home or pick out a faux fur rug that will transform your flooring. Once you get started, you’ll enjoy living in your home and how luxurious it feels inside of it.