Your bedroom should be a haven of serenity and relaxation. It’s a place to curl up and enjoy your favorite day-time read or simply have a little “me time” away from the world. Research shows that people spend almost half of their lifetime lying in bed, including seven to eight hours per day of night sleep.

Given how much time you spend in it, your bedroom deserves a little more attention than the other rooms in your house. If you think your room could use a facelift but you don’t know where to start, follow these simple steps to a complete transformation.

  1. Reimagine Your Sleep Setup

Bed Frame and Headboard

The bed itself is the focal point of any bedroom, so why stick to a standard metal bed frame that hides under the mattress? Consider adding a headboard or opting for a wood, upholstered, or wrought-iron, or metallic platform bed frame, or a canopy platform bed to add character to your bedroom.


Quality sleep gives your body a chance to rest and restore itself after a long day. Without ample sleep, you may find yourself feeling fatigued, less focused on work, and unmotivated. Since your mattress affects your sleep quality, you’ll want to choose one with the right attributes for optimal comfort.

A high-quality mattress should offer the right balance of softness and firmness to properly support your body, including the back, hips, and shoulders. When shopping for mattresses, you’ll come across several material options, including innerspring, latex, memory foam, hybrid, and air foam.

If you want the top mattress option on the market, consider air foam, as this mattress model incorporates the latest technology. Unlike memory foam, air foam doesn’t trap body heat, giving you a cooler sleep experience. Air foam also exerts less pressure on the hips and shoulders.


The bedding you choose can either make or break the aesthetic of your bedroom. Aside from selecting the most comfortable and cozy material, you want to get the color and pattern right. If you want a more neutral or minimalist look, stick to a solid-color comforter with monochromatic sheets to match. If you prefer something more lively, consider floral, striped, geometric, or abstract prints for your comforter and solid-colored sheets that bring out an accent color in the comforter.

  1. Decide on a Paint Color or Wallpaper

While your mattress can dictate your sleep quality, your bedroom walls can significantly impact your mood during your waking hours. Before repainting or picking out new wallpaper, you want to spend some time thinking about the psychology of color. While blues create a sense of serenity, red evokes passion, and lilac encourages creativity. When looking through paint chips, don’t just settle on the first color you find aesthetically pleasing—think about how the color could affect your mood first thing in the morning.

3. Focus on Furniture and Layout

The way you arrange furniture in your bedroom can alter your perception of the room’s size. Whether you like wide, open space or prefer the comfort of coziness, how you place things around the room will play a large role in creating your desired atmosphere.

If you prefer roominess, consider removing any furniture or large fixtures that aren’t absolutely necessary. Then, arrange the biggest items first—likely your bed and dresser. Be sure to space these items as far apart as possible, then fill in the rest of the space with your smaller necessities. When you go to decorate, consider hanging a horizontal mirror on the wall to create the illusion of greater depth.

If a cozier space makes you feel more safe and secure, then consider buying a few extra pieces to complete your bedroom. For example, buy a bedside table for both sides of your bed. Adding bookshelves, patterned rugs, a bench at the end of your bed, and a desk or vanity can also fill in the space quite nicely.

  1. Add the Final Bedroom Embellishments

Last but not least, you want to embellish your bedroom with personal decorative touches that make you feel at ease. You can play around with throw pillows and blankets, baskets, framed photos, lamps, tapestries, plants, and other decor items to add personality.

You Bedroom, Your Space

By taking each phase of the makeover process one step at a time, you can bring intention to your bedroom’s design. By dedicating time and attention to details like color psychology and visual spacing, you can create a space that speaks to your personality, boots your mood during the day, and encourages quality sleep at night.

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