Your gas water heater generally will use the heat by burning a fuel to heat water, and electric water heaters will use electric resistance coils. You will usually find gas water heaters a little less energy efficient as compared to electric heaters, but electricity cost makes the electric heater running costlier.

As such, a gas water heater also has a much faster rate of recovery that makes them a very convenient option particularly for larger families.

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Now let us choose your heater between these two options.

  1. What fuel source is easily available?

While deciding between an electric and gas water heater, firstly you need to consider which source of energy is easily available at your home. In certain areas availability of natural gas is easier but where it is not available then you have got only one choice available to you.

  1. Size of water heater needed by you

Your size of water heater will depend upon the number of members present in the household. Therefore, you must choose your water heater size very carefully so that water conservation can also be done.

If you choose your water heater incorrectly then people in the house may not get enough hot water.

  1. Calculate first hour rating

As you are sizing your hot-water heater, then you must remember the first-hour rating for tank water heater, while doing comparison between usages of water heater energy. This information will indicate how much quantity of hot water is delivered during the first hour.

  1. Performance

Recovery rate of the gas heater is much faster as compared to an electric heater. Also, traditional types of gas water heaters will still work during power outages. On the contrary, electric water heaters may have much slower recovery rates. Any typical tank of 50 gallons may usually need several hours to get recovered. Besides, electric heaters units will not function during power outages.

  1. Efficiency

Usually conventional storage units for gas are comparatively less efficient due to heat loss from various exhaust gasses. Water will remain hot and hence energy will be regularly used.

Electrical heaters are better in efficiency but higher cost of electricity will not save your money.

  1. Cost and lifespan

With traditional electrical heaters, electric cost will always be more than gas and hence by choosing an electrical heater will always be an expensive option. However, lifespan of electric heaters is longer based on your maintenance.

Gas will certainly cost you less and hence many consumers prefer this option. However, switching from electric heater to gas heater can be expensive due to installation cost. Gas water heaters also have a lower life span.