In the global housing market, small homes are again gaining popularity due to increasing prices of real estate as well as their maintenance cost. So to make things easier for the homeowners, many builders are reducing the size of the new homes built by them.

Small houses are considered suitable for the buyers of homes for the first time to invest initially. These days, buyers are more attracted to various types of tiny homes like cottages, cabin style, ranch style cape style, prairie style homes, and craftsman bungalows, etc. due to their unique style and architectural designs.

A home with less than 2,000 sq ft area is considered as a small home. You may feel that you are closed in a confined space if you are shifting from a large house to a smaller one.

But your tiny home can provide enough space for the first time buyers who have been living in an apartment until now. A few interior design ideas to redesign the interior of your small home are discussed hereunder to make it look larger than before.

Unify kitchen, living room and dining room to create an open floor

In a small home, the interior space is divided by walls, which usually make the room non-functional and tight. It can be seen more in eat-in kitchens as well as dining rooms of small homes.

You can easily open up space in the kitchen and the dining room by removing the wall dividing them if they are adjacent.

You can open up more space in your living area if your living room is also adjacent to your kitchen and dining room by removing the walls in between them. Along with opening up space, you can also make your home look brighter by removing its internal barriers.

Use a few options for colors in the home

You can create an illusion of larger space in your small home by painting its walls with neutral colors instead of using various shades. For instance, you can use a neutral color in different rooms in different ways to make your home look more colorful, even by using limited shades.

You can brighten the areas that receive a lesser amount of natural light by painting them with the lightest colors. But to highlight the architecture in your home like in the dining room and kitchen etc. you can use darker shades.

Similarly, for bedrooms and bathrooms, you can use paints of mid-tone shades. If you want to define a space or want to use vibrant color in any part of your home, then you can use wallpaper or add more color to one of its walls.

The trims and moldings made of natural wood can be painted with white paint as they can match with most of the walls in your home. Moreover, white paint can hide the scratches and nicks on the wooden trims and moldings.

So for a small house, you should choose colors from neutral beige, gray, gold, yellow, whites, ice blue, and creams to make them look larger and brighter.

Maximize functional storage space by using built-in cabinetry and shelving

In small homes, it is good to have enough storage space. The storage space required in a small house can be availed by recessing shelving into a wall. You can also save the area on the floor by recessing shelving into the walls.

To maintain the uncluttered looks of your small home, you can also use cabinets as storage space. In the dining room, you can use an office to store glasses, linens, and dishes.

Cabinets can also be used in the bathrooms of small homes to increase storage space in the limited area. Vanities with a few drawers that look like a piece of furniture can also provide you storage space in your small bathroom

Thus, while redesigning your small home, you can make it look more spacious, brighter, and functional by considering the design ideas discussed in this write-up. To know more in this regard, you can consult The Fireplace Center, a famous interior designing company, at any time. They can give you more ideas to make your small home more useful and efficient for you.