A study found that three in four US homeowners completed a home improvement project in 2020. The survey also revealed the same figures for those with plans of doing the same. Most of these activities involved outdoor projects, such as landscaping and fencing.

This 2021, real estate experts say that remodeling demand will further expand. In fact, they believe that home improvements will outdo new home constructions.

This is especially true for home additions, which aim to expand living areas. If done right, the best additions can also raise overall property value.

So, ready to learn all about the smartest home additions you should consider for this year (and beyond)? Then let’s get this list started!

Green Spaces

Did you know that the more connected a person is to nature, the healthier and greater their well-being? That’s because the outdoors can trigger positive physiological and mental changes. So, being out in nature can make people feel happier, more relaxed, and less stressed.

All these make a green space one of the best home additions you can ever invest in. They’re also the primary reasons most 2020 home improvements involved the outdoors.

Your green space can be any section of your outdoor property that you can fill with plants. However, it’s best to choose a spot that’s near a tree-shaded area, though. This way, you have a place to set up outdoor furniture as close to the sunbathed green space as possible.

If you have a bigger budget, you can opt for shading solutions like awnings. Outdoor dividers can also give your green space a more private feel to it.

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Backyard Homes

A backyard home, also known as a granny flat or in-law suite, is a type of accessory dwelling unit (ADU). It’s a smaller, independent dwelling unit that you can build on the same lot as your primary home.

Many folks refer to them as “granny flats,” as one of their functions is to serve as a home for elderly family members. More than that, the best ADU builders can ensure these units are a safe, secure haven for your older loved ones. They can equip it with as many accessibility and assistive devices to keep seniors on their feet.

You can also use an ADU to earn passive income by renting it out, whether on a short- or long-term basis. Note that there are over 100 million people in the US who choose to rent. Experts also say this number will continue to grow in the years to come.

Another awesome reason to include an ADU in your home addition plans is that you can use it as a home office. After all, almost half of Americans now work from home occasionally. If you need peace and quiet while you’re “virtually” on the clock, an ADU is a great place to be.

Kitchen Bump-Outs

Back in 2020, 70% of US households prepared 80% of their meals at home. That’s a massive jump from 2019, wherein only 30% of households feasted on home-cooked meals.

If you’re one of these folks who now cook more than ever, consider a kitchen bump-out. Home addition contractors usually need only an extra 100 square feet to do the job. It’s a small addition, but one that can boost your kitchen’s overall feel, space, and functions.

With a kitchen bump-out, you have more moving space and working furnaces to enjoy. You’d also have more space to feed not only your fam but your friends and other loved ones. Plus, you can use some part of the extension to set up an indoor herb garden.

Enclosed Spaces

Burglars themselves say that fences are a top crime deterrent. That should be enough reason for you to consider this as one of your best home addition ideas.

More than that, a fencing system can be a life-saver, especially if you have little kids or pets. They’re also excellent privacy boosters that can shield your family from prying eyes.

A tall fence can also serve as a post for awnings. You can then attach the other side of the awning to the side of your home closest to the fence. The shaded area can then serve as a makeshift “garage” or lounge area.

What’s more, you can recover up to 50% of the cost to install a privacy wood fence if you decide to sell your home in the future. So long as you keep it well maintained, it could boost not only your home’s curb value but its overall resale value.

You should go with a wood species with high decay resistance, though, such as redwood or western red cedar. These can withstand external elements better and also have higher fungi resistance.

Solar Powered Homes

Why go with a sunroom alone if you can use the sun’s energy to power your entire home?

Besides, today’s solar photovoltaic modules cost at least 99% less than they did 40 years ago. They now also last longer and have higher conversion and efficiency rates. Plus, PV systems can also collect and convert indirect sunlight into usable energy.

If you add a solar PV system to your home, you can eliminate your electricity bills for the next 20 to 30 years. For this, you need to install a system big enough to supply your entire home’s energy needs. In this case, you can keep all the money you would’ve otherwise paid your electricity company.

Even if your PV system can only generate 50% of your home’s energy needs, that’s still 50% off of your electricity bill. Besides, solar power is one of the greenest, cleanest energy sources. So, it’s not only your pocket that would benefit; so will the environment.

Make the Most Out of Your Abode With These Home Additions

With the right home additions, you don’t have to move into a new home just to enjoy more space and living amenities. You can “add” all these into your existing property so that you can stay in the home and neighborhood you love.

Ready for more insider info on home improvement projects you can start today? Then please feel free to stick around and browse our other home plans and guides!

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