A Garbage disposal unit can be an extremely convenient tool to have inside your kitchen sink. Rather than having to scrape your plates out into the garbage or manage many types of waste while cleaning up, you can have the drain compact and dispose of garbage easily. Many homeowners unfortunately overestimate the power of their garbage disposal and put in items that can cause ongoing problems with the unit. Here are some of the top things that you should never put into your garbage disposal to prevent damage to it.


You may have heard the rumors that eggshells can help to sharpen the blades inside your garbage disposal. Eggshells often have a stringy membrane that can cause the system to malfunction. Eggshells will clog up your pipes over time if you regularly put them into your garbage disposal.


It may be tempting to dispose of animal bones like chicken or fish bones in your sink. Leftover bones are never a good option to put through garbage disposals because the blades inside the garbage disposal will not be able to handle larger bones like chicken bones or steak bones. Small fish bones are the only acceptable bone that you should put into your garbage disposal and even this should be done with caution.

Grease and Oil

Greasy items and used cooking oil are never items that should be put into a garbage disposal. The oil will form a film over the teeth in your garbage disposal which can render them widely ineffective. Grease can also solidify and clog your drains.

Fibrous Veggies

Vegetables like asparagus and artichokes which are extremely fibrous will clog the motor and build up over time. Keeping these out of the garbage disposal can be crucial to preventing clogs. With any type of vegetables, consider putting them through in very small amounts and then flushing the garbage disposal with water.

Remember to keep these top items out of your garbage disposal to prevent clogged drains and to keep the system working well. Contact us today if you are having any problems with your garbage disposal.

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