Have you ever contemplated just how the pillow you rest your feet can have so many purposes? The ottoman has travelled a long way over time, and in decorating today, can be used as storage, additional seating, and even coffee table! Here are ways you can use an ottoman to boost your room’s appeal.

  1. Shared seating space

An ottoman is a great idea for apartments and open floor plan homes to share a seat with more than one area. For example, the concept of open living and family rooms may only have room for one seat. Ottomans provide the flexibility to add a choice of seating for a shared room and when pushed against the wall with a pillow, turned into a sofa.

  1. Foot rests won’t go out of fashion

The original purpose of the ottoman was to put your feet on them, and this tradition will always remain. Decide how much space you have to fit an ottoman and note that they are available in sizes as wide as the sofa or in a small, square and compact size. For timeless elegance, why not treat yourself to an iconic Eames Chair from www.pash-classics.com/eames-lounge-chair-and-ottoman.html

  1. Store items in

In every living room or family room there is a need for storage of small items. Whether it is a remote control, games, movies or children’s toys. Ottomans with top-hinges make the best storage disguise making them both useful and beautiful. Ottomans with storage also work well in the master bedroom at the foot of the bed.

  1. Visual interest

The shape and geometric configuration make many kinds of benches fun and visually appealing. Consider benches that form a circle when put together, when separated pieces make 4 slices of the same seat. Perhaps you want a circle or winding snake-like pattern, ottomans can be strictly for fun conversation!

  1. Tuck go sit

If you need to save space, the ottoman is an ideal solution for seating that is easily moved and pulled out as required. Single seats or benches with rollers or casters beneath them to create the ideal type seating when entertaining. If not needed, simply tuck under the table, and the ottoman now serve different functions overall.

  1. Place your coffee on one!

As an ottoman usually sits lower than your sofa and one that is used to organize and show off items on the side of the sofa is referred to as a coffee table. Backrest in recent years has become larger and more flexible to serve as a coffee table as well.

  1. Children Friendly

Ottomans often have child-friendly fabrics like tweed or denim and can be easily used for flat surfaces for children to play on as they sit on the floor. Larger benches can be used for playing board games and with friends, without needing to disrupt the main

dining or communal area inside the home.

  1. Colour coordinate

It’s important to pick a color combination for your walls, art, or materials that matches the rest of your décor. An ottoman that can blend in with the surrounding furniture, or complement existing décor will be a much greater investment.

  1. Take it easy on them

Inside a lot of homes, the ottoman is as comfortable to a lounge as is the adjacent furniture. Should you prefer a more laidback setting, consider choosing a large bench that you can lounge on and enjoy your home.