Real estate market is often crowded with real estate agents. Some are good and reliable, others are bad and lousy. Critics have been saying from time to time that being real estate agent is the easiest job out there. The truth is, not really. Agents who are part-timers or do it as a hobby hardly make enough money to get by, so they leave their profession in the first few months or years. However, those who are good at it and able to earn a great reputation will thrive in whatever market condition they are in.

Given the plethora of agents flooding the market, it is very difficult to distinguish between good and a bad agent. You cannot approach someone and ask, “Are you a good agent?”. This information can only be obtained from other sources, such as customer reviews, experience, past performance and so on. Besides, you will have to invest a great deal of time investigating into the background of the agent. Still, you may find that many agents are ready to offer their service and vying for your commission money despite you sticking with your set of standards in selecting them.

What you can do at this point is to select someone with experience (typically 5 years or more) with a reasonable education level (real estate license and professional certifications) and who is personable and trustworthy like (an agent who can get along well with you as well as would-be buyers). When you are on the hunt for a real estate agent, you are actually looking for a salesperson. This person may either have real estate salesperson license or broker’s license. In order to work with you diligently, you need someone with a salesperson’s license. An agent is the one who will list your house in the market, set up open houses, analyze market conditions, offer tips and advice for selling as well as connect buyers to you. A broker, on the other hand, manages these salespeople in an office setup and hardly come in contact with you or other sellers. They are working behind the scene making sure that the salesperson is on schedule and performing all tasks involved in a real estate transaction. So, if anything goes wrong with the agent, if misunderstanding arise between you and the agent, it is the broker’s responsibility to handle the situation. In essence, you will never meet a managing broker but meet the agent a lot during the selling process. That doesn’t mean the agents are entitled to all the commission you pay. In fact, brokers share this commission too, and most likely, half of it. For more information, you can visit sites like

Finding the best agent involves more activities – both online and offline -rather than calling the first name that you encounter in the list of search engine results. If you have worked with the agent before, you may know what to look for in an agent. Otherwise, online customer reviews should be able to recommend a reliable and respectable one.