Water damage to your foundation and basement have permanent and irreparable repercussions. Obviously, a flood will rob you of your furnishings and valuables but the invisible growth of toxic molds in the walls and floor will eventually destroy the air quality of your home and develop to the point of no return. Home waterproofing can prevent all of this, and for a reasonable investment, waterproofing can prevent further expenses and future personal losses.There are many different waterproofing companies marketing their services now, but unfortunately not all of them reputable. Take the time to seek out multiple service providers in your area and research each one. One option is to perform an internet search. You will be directed to forums that include testimonials from individuals who share their personal experiences with waterproofing companies. The Better Business Bureau is also an excellent resource. Talk with friends and family members who have had similar services done. A referral from someone you know and trust is one of the most reliable sources of information available.Choosing to initiate a home waterproofing project does not immediately imply a long, painful ordeal. An inspection from a reputable company will uncover any cracks or vulnerable areas in the foundation walls. If imperfections are not substantial, simple crack repairs may be all that is necessary. If, on the other hand, a need for major repair exists or even the installation of a drainage system or sump pump is necessary, it is best you find out from an inspection rather than from a catastrophe.Home waterproofing options include crack and foundation repair, foundation wall reinforcements, interior and exterior drainage systems, and sump pumps. Professionals will be able to give you a complete analysis of your current water damage, risk of water damage, and potential solutions. At that point, you can choose the route you wish to take, based upon your needs and budget.Be sure to get more than one estimate to be certain that you are truly getting an accurate analysis. Too many companies in the market right now focus on closing sales and conducting mass business. Their one-fix-fits-all service may be more or less than what you need. Protect yourself from overspending or under-fixing. Either can be prevented if you shop around and do your homework before paying for service.A few questions you should ask your consultant before investing in home waterproofing include the following:Is there a warranty on the service you provide? What does it cover?If the consultant recommends sealing the basement, will the foundation be repaired first?If excavation is recommended, what process will be used? Hand digging or mini excavation tools are acceptable but full scale excavation equipment is not appropriate for home waterproofing projects.How far from the home foundation will they dig? Will they be mindful of landscaping?What will they use to backfill?Will they pull necessary permits and schedule inspections, or do you need to handle these details?Ask your consultant what role he/she plays in the company; is he a contractor, owner, or a salesman?

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