You are a startup entrepreneur, buzzing with energy and enthusiasm to start your “own” commercial kitchen. You seek the services of the best designer in the town for the layout of your commercial kitchen. You tap the perfect designer who knows the ins and outs of the niche. However, as the business owner, you are responsible for the success of the business. Not only you buy tools from quality commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Bangalore, but the design should also be the best. Here are five things to make it special: • Ergonomics: You should make sure that the design is convenient for the people. They should require the minimum movements while working. Not only it reduces fatigue, but also brings efficiency in servicing the customers. You won’t believe, but ergonomics is always missed by designers. It is often the last parameter taken into account. • Energy efficiency: You must ask for a design that is most energy efficient. Keeping the kitchen illuminated with natural light, and placing all the cookers at a centralized place are some examples of energy saving. Use of solar water heaters keeps the operational costs to the minimum levels. Do not keep the height excessively high or low because both are not energy efficient. You can decide the appropriate height by looking at the dimensions. • Always use standardized equipment: When the designers design your kitchen, always ask them about the specs. The material and equipment used should be of the best quality. You should not cut corners while deciding the quality of the material. Hence, order the best equipment from commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Bangalore. They offer quality stuff from renowned companies. The equipment and material are world-class and the best in the category. • Ventilation: Good ventilation maintains the inner temperature well, and you spend less on air-conditioning. Also, it keeps the inner environment crispy fresh. When there is a cross ventilation, air flows well in the kitchen, and you need not put exhausts always on. There is no residue smell that makes the environment dull and unhygienic. • Easy to maintain interior: Install good quality granite and vitrified tiles. They are not only stylish but incredibly easy to clean. However, you should ensure that there are no gaps between tiles and granite platform. It reduces the probability of growth of fungi and bacteria. Keep these five important facets in mind and get the best design. They make your kitchen special and perfect.

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