Multi function “camping lantern” with some nice design touches, Rather than just make a torch/lantern the maker has on this model added a few “extras” they might not be must have features for some users, but I like the thinking behind this. In addition to the LED torch this has a wider beam throw mode too with a warmer light (this uses 4 LED’s on the outside the torch uses the inner ones) and finally a lantern mode lighting up the central area – cycling through these is done via the button on the handle. Next up is the built in radio both FM and AM two rotary dials for this one volume and the other frequencies, you can select this via the slider switch on the side of the lamp. There is an alarm mode too with red flashing LED’s and a siren potentially useful for scaring away unwelcomed guests of in an emergency. The main feature though is the “dynamo” cranking ability via the top handle (which is fortunately fairly strong unlike some I’ve used) a small red LED signals when it’s getting charge off the dynamo a steady regular speed is preferable to going ultra fast and they quote about 15 minutes radio time after one minute of turning. Included are 3 lithium batteries (AA sized but 3.7 volts) you can open the side panel to insert them and it’s possible to charge up the lantern via the supplied micro USB. Emergency charging is available via the normal USB port if the battery is dead you can turn the handle to generate enough power for a bit of power ie send a text message or a quick call. Around the lantern top is a handle for hanging it up and there is an included Velcro strap to attach it. The handle can be adjusted in angle via a push button. I’m quite impressed overall not just because they threw a lot of additional functions into the lamp (the radio is useful and it’s something I would use sound quality is reasonable and reception pick up was quite good even indoors) but the styling and design hit the mark as well as the overall build plastics are good and don’t feel weak at all quite a solid lamp really. Minor points worth a mention slightly fiddly to remove the battery tray but at least the cells are easily replaced and no mention of any weather sealing probably fine with a light shower maybe a MkII will address this. Lots of small touches here that make up a strong product (even glow in the dark bands inside and out) torch is pretty powerful too. As a camping light or emergency torch the dynamo capability is worth having.

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