Choosing a kitchen countertop is one of the most important decisions when you are renovating or furnishing your kitchen for the first time. It happens not to be easy of making this decision, as this element is typically very noticeable in the design of kitchens.

To choose good Stone Countertops you will have to take into account several factors and details: the duration (a countertop for a rental home is not the same as for a home of your own), the budget and its maintenance. In this post here is an explanation of the different types of kitchen countertops that are currently available and their advantages and disadvantages and try to make the process of choosing this very important element in the Kitchen Reform Budget easier.

Natural stone countertops: granite and marble

Granite Countertops

One of the most common (until now, although they are still being done) are Granite Countertops. They are of great hardness, almost impossible to scratch, they resist acids and blows, they are very suffered.

As granite is very porous, stains penetrate, especially oil, and can remain permanently. On the other hand, it is totally heat resistant, so you can support hot pots and pans without any problem. There happens to benumerouscolors, maybe one of the most prevalent for kitchens use to bepearl gray or pink granite. There is not as much variety as in compact quartz, but new colors and presentations are emerging every time.

Marble Countertops

The marble countertops are quite similar to granite, although somewhat more delicate, especially with stains and acids. Another disadvantage that you can see is that it loses shine easily. It is quite resistant to scratches, but on the other hand, it is not resistant to strong blows. In terms of aesthetics, it has a very elegant design, but the most complicated marble countertop to maintain.