For those living with a neighborhood housing association, the yard can be a sore spot in the contract. There may be fines or charges for not keeping things up. Why not do it up right – get a step ahead of the requirements so you can relax and take pride in your yard.

Light it Up

It doesn’t matter how beautiful your yard is if no one can see it. Daytime is fine, but bring out the real drama with spot and accent lights that will show it off at night as well. Get the best ideas for landscape lighting St Louis MO has to offer and put some of them to work for you. Your new lighting system my even enhance safety on your property.

Get a Great Lawn

You may be able to kill off encroaching weeds and encourage a thicker, lusher lawn with fertilizers and weed killers form the local home improvement store. Water regularly, preferably just before the sun comes up so the blades can soak up the moisture and thrive. When you mow, cut it just a bit long – longer grass means deeper roots, so resist shaving it like a golf course.

Trees and Placement

Trees produce oxygen, provide cooling shade and add dimension to a yard, but placing them incorrectly can make them a nuisance. Remember that the cute little tree you are planting today will become a large tree in the future. Don’t plant it in front of a major feature of the home that you want seen from the street or in front of a window that you want to maintain the view out of.

Anything you do to improve your curb appeal will make a big difference in how you feel about people looking at your home as they drive by or come up the walk. A few good choices can give a home an impressive appearance.