Every homeowner has experienced an unwelcome guest at some point or another. They crawl out from under a rug or are heard pitter-pattering in the walls. In extreme circumstances, they sneak into your mattress or chew through your walls. No matter the situation, pests are not guests, and these three are a few of the sunshine state’s most common.

1. Pesky Palmetto Bugs

Nobody likes a cockroach, especially if it’s the type with wings. Palmetto bugs often spring out of the cluttered corners in your house or shed that have been neglected during your weekly cleaning routine. While not particularly dangerous, palmetto bugs can leave old skin and droppings in your home and cause damage to draperies, books and other paper products. Plus, nothing is more horrifying than discovering a palmetto bug crawling across your ceiling!

2. Rude Rodents

Rodents are another common pest in Florida, and if you find small black droppings in your attic or hear scratching in your walls, you may find yourself desperately googling ‘wildlife removal fort myers fl’. Rats and mice can transmit diseases and cause extensive damage to a home’s walls and electrical wiring. Renting out the insulation in your attic to a family of rats is not ideal, so if you hear scurrying or squeaking, get a professional on the phone as soon as possible.

3. Angry Ants

Ants are the kind of house guest who extend an invitation to their entire family. It’s one thing to have a single pest to deal with, but when hundreds start marching in single-file, it can send any homeowner running for the Raid. Ants bite and sting and will not hesitate to make a picnic out of your old food crumbs. Keeping your kitchen clear of leftovers and removing ant hills from your yard are two preventative measures you can take to keep ants from dropping by.

Interacting with wildlife is a regular part of Florida living, but some critters are more appealing than others. Keep your eye out for these unwelcome guests and don’t hesitate to take appropriate measures to remove them from your home.