A roofing square is a base unit of measurement that professionals use to calculate size of the roof with an equivalency of 100 ft.². Calculating the size of your roofing squares is often done to order the applicable amount of material. Most roofing contractors will calculate the number of squares that make up the surface area of your roof and then order an additional 15% in backup materials.

A square measurement is used because of the larger unit of measurement and it’s a standardized measurement for the materials that will be placed on your route. 10 x 10 or 100 ft.² will require exactly that much material to cover. As shingles and roofing materials are often sold in these formats, calculating the size of the roof can ensure your roofing contractor will get exactly the right amount of material. The process of calculating your roofing size comes down to properly measuring your roof and this requires climbing a ladder. A roofing contractor will measure the length and width of each plane of your roof accounting for skylights, dormer windows, covered porches, protruding garages and more. Most roofing contractors can manually calculate the average scores for a roof but there are also a series of online converters and formulas that can be used to speed up the process.

Roofing square is often an easy option for ordering roofing shingles as they are often sold by the bundle and 3 bundles will represent a full square of roofing material. Roofing tiles however will vary in their overall size. Most concrete tiles that are produced today require around 90 tiles for every square. Clay tiles range in their size requiring up to 100 per square down to 70 or 80. Some specialty roofing tiles may require up to 160 tiles per square adding to the overall cost of your project. Most roofing replacements will cost between $350 up to $450 per square for traditional shingles in materials and installation.

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