A swimming pool filter is essential in all types of swimming pool whether they are indoor or outdoor, heated or not. The filter helps to keep the water clean as it collects any debris and dirt that pass through it. All of it passes through the filter and as all of the dirt and debris are collected. The cleaner water is not only much nicer to swim in but it is also much cleaner, clearer and healthier meaning that you’re less likely to ingest any harmful bacteria thanks to the filter. You will find a swimming pool filter near the bottom of the pool positioned somewhere between the inflow hose and the outflow hose. The inflow hose pumps water into the pool and the outflow hose pulls it out. The hoses are usually positioned closer to the bottom of the pool because positioning them at the top would prevent the liquid from circulating meaning that only the water at the top of the pool would ever be filtered. The filter is usually made from fabric which collects any solid particles within the water as the water flows through the outflow hose. Once the water has gone through this hose and been filtered it is pushed back through the inflow tube which allows it to flow back into the pool. Because the inflow and outflow hoses come are attached to the pool at different heights and the water is constantly moving in and out of the two, it creates a small current meaning that more water is filtered than it would be if the water was allowed to settle.

Because the filter is such an important part of keeping the swimming pool clean it’s essential to look after it properly. Because the filter collects all of the dirt and debris from the water it’s essential to clean it regularly in order to make sure that the water coming out of the filter isn’t in fact dirtier than when it went in. Not cleaning the filter and allowing the debris of grass clippings, dirt and leaves to build up will dramatically reduce the filter’s efficiency so it’s essential to keep on top of the cleaning. You should also be aware that swimming pool filters can only be cleaned a certain number of times and after this should be replaced with a whole new filter in order to maintain the cleanliness of the pool. A lot of people think that swimming pool filters and skimmers are interchangeable when in fact that is not the case Pool skimmers skim the surface of the water removing larger pieces of debris such as leaves and twigs however they do not clean below the surface. Unlike a filter a skimmer pulls water from the surface of the pool only as this is where large debris tends to lie, the filter is still needed to deal with the smaller matter within the water so although if you have a skimmer you still need a filter by using both simultaneously you’ll probably find that your filter lasts significantly longer. However, be aware that although the large pieces of debris won’t be affecting the filter it will still need to be cleaned just as regularly if you’re going to benefit from its maximum efficiency.

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